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In any product category, roughly 10% of the consumers account for more than 50% of the profits.

These “super consumers” know what they want, buy a lot of it, and are willing to pay a premium.

They’re passionate and engaged — sometimes even a little obsessive.

(source: Harvard Business Review)

We built FTLO Chocolate in order to establish and grow a community of chocolate super consumers, then to feed (literally) their fanaticism.

Conversations On Chocolate (Live Online & On Demand)

We invite a live audience to join us for a conversation (via Zoom) with chocolate makers and creators from all over the country; digging into their story, learning their tips, tricks, and techniques, and sampling their work.

Our fans and followers are given a discount code weeks in advance, and invited to purchase featured products directly from those makers at a deep discount, so they can participate in these virtual tasting events with us from home.

We often welcome a guest co-host to our conversations. Entrepreneurs, artists, executives, community leaders, even ordinary people… each with a voice that adds something unique and special to the conversation.

Just Add Chocolate

A growing collection of chocolate recipes curated from fans, followers, and partners, with a shopping list linked to items available for purchase on

Adventures In Chocolate

When they’ve got to have great chocolate now, fans and followers can check out our map and discover some of our favorite chocolate destinations in America.


We’ve been touched directly (and multiple times) by childhood cancer, and prioritize loving on families that are staying at housing facilities directly associated with children’s hospitals where their children are seeking care and treatment.

Throughout the year, we coordinate and/or host seasonally relevant events for these families to enjoy.