Sprinkled with flakes of Maldon sea salt and filled with crunchy toasted almonds in classic 60% Bolivian dark chocolate, the Sea Salt and Almond Bar is one of our team’s favorite options at Markham & Fitz. And it’s no wonder: This classic combination of almonds and sea salt, paired with the bright honey and citrus notes of the Alto Beni cacao used in this dark chocolate, create the perfect flavor profile. The flavors are light enough to satisfy even those who don’t love dark chocolate, but rich enough to create the complete mouth feel of a well executed dark chocolate.

The summer-y brightness of Bolivian cacao is brought to life by the flaked sea salt that tops this bar, creating a velvety richness that reminds me of the homemade brownies my grandmother used to make. Toasted almonds provide a layer of texture and mild nuttiness that rounds out the blissful experience of noshing your way through this bar. 

The back of the package recommends a “pairing with a peaty scotch, buttery croissant and a second bar because this one won’t last long.” A superb recommendation! You’ll definitely want more than one. 

Fun Fact: 

Bolivian cacao is often referred to as "wild cacao." Most cacao farms cultivate trees in rows, but in Bolivia, cacao grows wild along the banks of the Alto Beni River. People travel the river in boats, harvesting fresh pods from the wild trees on the banks rather than cultivated farms. 


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