This limited edition milk chocolate bar boasts smooth, dark milk chocolate made with cocao from Monte Grande, Guatemala that is perfectly sweet without the bitter bite of many darker chocolates.  Make no mistake though, the “Flora on Fire” bar, inspired by Markham & Fitz’s 8th Street Market neighbor, Chef Rafael Rios, brings the spice with sundried arbol chile peppers sourced from the local Rios family farm. The back of the bar is sprinkled with ground hibiscus to elevate the floral favor of the Guatemalan beans. 

The Monte Grande chocolate is deliciously smooth and lightly sweet with a creamy finish and is the perfect vehicle for the spicy notes of the chiles. Those chiles do, by the way, sneak up on you as you eat your way through the bar, so go slow and savor the moment.  The floral, fruity raspberry notes are light and mostly offered up by the cocao itself rather than the hibiscus, which made for a smooth, less earthy than I was expecting, finish. 

Overall, this bar reminded me of the warm hug of a mug of Mexican hot chocolate with the way the chocolate and chili notes play off of one another. The added floral notes of the Monte Grande cocao with the slightest lift from ground hibiscus makes it an appropriate summer time treat perfectly paired with a glass of sangria. It is a limited edition and once it is gone, we’ll likely not see it back in the Markham & Fitz case for a good bit, so if spicy and sweet is your thing, you should get one of these while they last!

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