We took a recent trip to Markham & Fitz to review one of their Limited Edition summer flavors, but got a bit distracted by the siren call of their Brown Sugar and Bourbon Chocolate Chip cookie.  Perhaps it was the delicious aroma of rich chocolate when we entered the store, or the multiple people who declared Markham & Fitz Brown Sugar and Bourbon Chocolate Chip the best they had ever tasted, or our team’s obsessive search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie that drove us to divert from our assigned bar tasting and grab one of these cookies.

I must say that I had high expectations for this cookie based on all we have heard about it.  And, in some ways, it did not disappoint.  

The hunt for the perfect cookie has so many layers, perhaps the hardest to nail is the texture, and in that respect, this ooey, gooey dessert hits the mark pretty close to perfection. With perfectly crisp edges and a soft and chewy middle, this cookie achieves what so many have failed to do- satisfy crispy and chewy lovers in the same round. The buttery cookie is the perfect vehicle for Markham & Fitz’s baking chocolate, but, not being a huge fan of bourbon, I  found the bourbon flavor overwhelming which brought the overall experience down a notch for me. Chewy center of Markham & Fitz chocolate chip cookie

That said, if bourbon is your thing, and you are looking for a perfectly textured chocolate chip cookie, this could be a new favorite.  

Markham & Fitz not only sells these baked confections in their case, but they package and sell the cookie dough for home bakers to take home with them, so you can have this yumminess at home whenever you choose.  They also have several other cookie combinations to try- the oatmeal chocolate cherry pecan is next on our list!

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