Our team’s hunt for the perfect chocolate chip cookie has taken us to some mundane destinations (I’m looking at you Chick-Fil-A), into the kitchen of our favorite grandmothers and even driven us to one of our local craft chocolate makers.  We still haven’t stumbled across the holy grail of that perfect combination of crispy, chewy, buttery, chocolate-y goodness that we dream exists in a single disc of confectionery delight, but we will not rest until we’ve discovered it.  So when my neighbor, Natalie, suggested that perfection was to be found in a cookie shop called Crumbl, we packed up our camera and taste buds and ran right down to their grand opening in Bentonville. 

Crumbl in Bentonville, AR is now open for business!


The very first Crumbl opened in Logan, UT and has since added franchise stores in over 75 locations in 11 states and according to their website they believe they have the “world's best chocolate chip cookie.” Crumbl’s marketing strategy is pretty simple, they have 120+ cookie recipes that rotate weekly and six flavors of Crumbl ice cream.  

This week's Crumbl cookie line up.

Walking into the store, the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies flirts with your nostrils.  We learned that a new batch of chocolate chip cookies is made fresh at least every three hours and when you bite into one of these cake-y confections, you can tell. 

These cookies are not for the small appetite.  They are massive and thick and have a cake like texture that melts in your mouth.  The cookie itself combines buttery dough with a smattering of oats to add a little texture and it is the perfect vehicle for the milk chocolate chips that are liberally mixed into each bite.  

Our cookie choices from Crumbl in Bentonville, AR.


We didn’t just limit our tasting to the chocolate chip cookie, though, we tried three of the rotating flavors:  snickerdoodle, peanut butter fudge, and honey graham, as well as four of their signature ice cream flavors:  churro, raspberry cheesecake, buckeye brownie and muddy buddy. The chocolate based cream flavors were not my favorite surprisingly, but I found myself going back to the raspberry cheesecake cream for more.  

Overall, the chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies were my favorite. That said, I found the size and cakiness of the cookies just a little much for my liking.  My favorite cookie textures are chewy in the middle with a bit of crunch around the edges, and you won’t find that at Crumbl.  What you will find are a variety of flavors to suit just about every person’s taste buds and keep you coming back to try more….and, if you like your cookies in the form of small(ish) cakes, then you may just find YOUR “world’s best chocolate chip cookie” here!


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