Last week was a crazy one.  

Medical issues, delayed surgeries, and an ongoing battle against rising clutter in our post-COVID home (you know, the one where everyone is present all the time) created a melee of overwhelm in my head and heart.  My sister swooped on a rescue mission with a basket of goodies to soothe my stress complete with creamy goodness from Chocolove’s Ruby Chocolate Bar. 

 I’ve been wanting to try out ruby chocolate since its release last year, so I wasted zero time tearing into the beautiful packaging to try it. Ruby chocolate was released widely to the public in 2019 and is known by its natural pink color and light berry flavor.  Chocolove’s beautifully smooth ruby bar is made with 34% cocoa made from ruby cocoa beans and sports a “smooth chocolate taste complicated by berry fruitiness.” 

To my dark chocolate loving taste buds, ruby chocolate is too mild (it is the same criticism I have with white chocolate), but both my non-chocophile counterparts found it delicious. It does have a bit more bite than white chocolate and is delightfully sweet and sour.  It has a decidedly raspberry kick to it, but finishes smooth and super creamy.  

From their website, Chocolove tells us that “Chocolove’s mission is to make and sell the best tasting chocolate in a way that makes customers and everyone involved, happy.”  And they have achieved that with this ruby chocolate bar.  The smooth, creamy, sweet and sour flavor had a little something for everyone and I look forward to enjoying it again.  

Just more proof that chocolate, in all its forms- dark, milk, white and, now, ruby- is a cure for many of the world’s ills and in the midst of a pandemic, if you can’t give a hug, chocolate makes a good substitute. 


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