On one of our many journeys through the American countryside in search of the best chocolate in the US, we found ourselves in Omaha, Nebraska.  Scattered throughout Omaha, we visited three unique chocolate shops each with its own artistic temperament. One of our favorites was the Cordial Cherry.  

The Cordial Cherry owner Melissa’s style bears more resemblance to the work of a modern, whimsical glass sculptor.  Using either maraschino cherry cordials or truffles as her base, she uncovers the hidden character in each wedge of chocolate, creating charming and fanciful collections for a variety of holidays, occasions and penchants. 

Waiting impishly inside the box in her polar collection are a tiny reindeer with shaped antlers and a button nose, a portly lost little polar bear and a chubby, quirky penguin.  They sit alongside glittering snowballs and carefully painted miniature ornaments. 

The cordial base is a delicious blend of crisp lively chocolate, sweet cherry and the perfect burst of tangy syrup.  Although, I must admit, I could only bring myself to try the side pieces, the three characters are still nestled safely in the box.  These are elegant, luxury items and priced accordingly.  She also sells dipped cherries and cordials and will ship her products if projected temperatures at the destination are below 70 degrees.

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