In our search for America's best chocolate in all its forms, we found ourselves in Omaha, Nebraska. Scattered throughout Omaha, we visited three unique chocolate shops each with its own artistic temperament, the first of which was Chocalat Abeille.  

Chocolat Abeille was opened in 2017 in the Old Market area by Tina Tweedy, a self-taught pastry chef on hiatus who saw the empty storefront and seized the opportunity to open a family business.

Flavored with unexpected natural ingredients like mushrooms, lavender, saffron and home-harvested honey, her chocolates are brushed with bright swaths of color, sweet miniature Cezanne canvasses.  She also offers more traditional flavors of truffles and creams as well as 3D gift objects like painted high-heeled shoes and cowboy boots, all decorated with bold impressionistic brushstrokes.  Her shop opens into a side salon for hosting elegant gatherings, teas and tastings.


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