Kyya’s 72.5% Midnight Chocolates have many different origins including Uganda, Tanzania, Costa Rica, and many more. One of my personal favorites is the Madagascar single origin. For many years there has been a struggle for cacao beans in Madagascar. With local farmers having to contend with gangs to harvest the prized beans. It’s easy to see why. The same soil that provides a lush haven for the animals of Madagascar grows a bean that has a fruity, exotic flavor that is distinct from others.

KYYA 72.5% Midnight ChocolatesA strong cherry taste is the first in a tetrad of flavors you will taste with this bar of chocolate. At 72.5%, it is quite a dark bar, but the sweetness of the Madagascar beans offsets this to make a delicious medley of flavors. Next come the apricot and raisin flavors. There is a distinct cycle of flavors in this chocolate, as the flavor of the cherries blends perfectly into apricot, then raisin, and finally into a pleasant red wine flavor that leaves a tingle on the tip of your tongue.

While there has been turmoil in Madagascar thanks to the extreme value provided by these delicious cacao beans, it’s safe to say that Kyya has had absolutely no part in helping fund it. Kyya is committed to paying fair, and often above fair, trade prices to farmers while also building lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with them. Next time you stop into one of Kyya’s stores, I highly recommend giving the 72.5% Madagascar Midnight Chocolate a taste, it won’t disappoint.


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