The Dominican Republic is the single largest producer of cocoa in the whole Caribbean, and many regard Dominican Republic beans as the highest quality in the region. The nutrient-rich soil and the warm tropical climate help create both a first-rate bean and a booming cocoa community. In the Dominican Republic alone, over 40,000 workers are directly employed by the cocoa industry. It’s no wonder that Fresco Chocolate has an incredible bar made from these beans.

Fresco Chocolate’s 72% Oko Caribe chocolate is an adventure for your taste buds. Fresco uses conching, the process of heating and aerating the chocolate, to help bring out different flavors in each bar, even if they use the same beans. The 72% Oko Caribe Medium Conche brings out a symphony of flavors. It almost tastes more like milk chocolate than dark chocolate thanks to the medium conching, which gives it a smooth, caramel taste to start, which gradually fades into a pleasant fruit taste, almost like pomegranate. It’s so delicious, in fact, that it has won no less than 9 international awards, including a gold, three silvers, and numerous bronzes. 

Fresco has received over 25 awards for its chocolate, and its selection isn’t limited to bars: the company also makes bark, brittle, and even drinking chocolate. This chocolate-maker has mastered roast and conche times to create different flavor profiles. According to Fresco, “Exceptional chocolate is created through a series of events. Change any one event and the outcome is a new creation.”


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